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This platform is a product of two years’ research, listening, observation, trend monitoring across Africa. This research includes traveling around, observing governments, people, policy and political processes.

As concerned Africans, the contributors and the Content Director aim to channel a great path to follow through in-depth analyses, promotion which can enhance the level of progress as well as lead to a better future for all of us. In no distance time, we hope to make this platform a go-to medium for strong and workable advice on politics, policy and governance issues. Our analysis should be able to deliver right result to everyone passionate about  a new Africa, Africa’s image of dark Continent should become a thing in the oblivious past.

We do acknowledge we do not have a final say in every issues under discussion/ raised here. But one thing is assured, which will be a guiding principle, is objectivity, fairness, sincerity of purpose without any iota of biases which we strongly believe can ruin the continent’s image.  Though we will  always say it as it is.

Per adventure you want to contribute, send us your articles(articles@africadevelopmentalk.com). Our contributors are based across Africa but we accept opinions of others outside the continent as long as it aims to bring the expected change we are all looking for.

Please join the conversation by dropping comments, sharing country based case studies that can help increase the value of our discussion. We also want to assure, the opinion of the contributors are their own and do not represent the opinion of their various employers. We will not be liable for anyone’s comment here made by our readers.

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