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Jacob Zuma, Malema, SONA 2017 and Nigeria’s

As I sat to watch the televised procession of  President Jacob Zuma into the precinct chamber of South Africa’s National Assembly complex before his State Of the Nation’s Address, two leadership quotes came to my mind. One, it is not the power in the position that is important but ability to take charge, being accountable for the governed is important. ... Read More »

Combating Wrong leadership perception in Africa – Sam adeyemi

Recently Prof Yemi Osinbajo made a striking statement about leadership which calls for deep thinking when he said  ‘Any leader who comes to office to steal money is mad’.  While this may be an indictment on the part of leaders, there is also a dimension of evil which emanates from followership.  Africans too have a very wrong perception about the ... Read More »

Why Nigeria Policies Are Not Sustainable

Nigeria is a great country with very vast and enduring potentials. Nigeria does not come behind in internationally acclaimed human and natural resources. This did not start today. Nigeria is so blessed it has no business with poverty or allied issues. But what obtains today is a pity story of a great nation  swallowed by mediocrity. We all know we ... Read More »

Sexual Harassment Bill: Does the Nigeria Senate know…?

Whatever we say, for many years, Nigerian Senate had been silent on many critical Issues.  For serious minded people, it appears many Senators are there to network or make money instead of performing the essential roles as well as justifying their elections. It has not been uncommon for Senators to pursue other agenda and wait till a few days to ... Read More »

America Gun Control: How long is Too Long?

America stands tall in the committee of nations. Its leadership position and opportunities are outstanding. No wonder many will do everything to live in America. American dream is fascinating with lots of juicy offers. Yet the same nation also stands tall in many negative vices. America has issues of homelessness, any big nation does. There are also issues of various ... Read More »

Senator Bukola Saraki, CCB And The Conspiracy Theorists

Nigeria political scene is gradually changing. ‘Change’ is the mantra now as the new ruling party will like us to believe. We live in an interesting time and we can not but wait and see  the new direction the present  political pendulum  will swing. Looking at the composition of All Progressive  Congress(APC), the ruling party, we can see it is ... Read More »

Africa Tradition and Modern Realities.

Africa has a lot of rich and desirable traditions. These traditions shaped its culture, value, social relations among others. Everyone needs to be proud of their tradition. No tradition no matter how archiac it may appear to other is in no way meaningless. In addition to these traditions are myths and folklore.  They all make the essence of what Africa ... Read More »

Nigeria Media Houses And Unpaid Staff Salaries:The Moral Burden

The Media around the world is considered the mouthpiece of the people. A last hope for the common man. It is not just the fourth Estate of the realm but a place, medium where justice is championed and  protected. Nigeria Media houses, practitioners since its inception in the 1860s had remained a great platform where oppressions and every form of ... Read More »

President Buhari In The Midst Of Two Red Devils

In the events leading to President Muhammed Buhari ‘ s election, I have taken time to watch how events unfold. As an individual,  I wanted a change badly. Any sane Nigerian should anyway. Things were degenerating even though many of us outside government did not know the extent of the damage but we sure have a little understanding of how ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes