Jacob Zuma, Malema, SONA 2017 and Nigeria’s

As I sat to watch the televised procession of  President Jacob Zuma into the precinct chamber of South Africa’s National Assembly complex before his State Of the Nation’s Address, two leadership quotes came to my mind. One, it is not the power in the position that is important but ability to take charge, being accountable for the governed is important. ... Read More »

What Is Next For Jammeh – Even A Billion Years Will End- Bunmi Makinwa

Had he accepted defeat in the election of December 2016, Gambia’s President Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh, 51, would have been one of the few African presidents or heads of state who, having been in power for more than ten years or have had more than two terms of office, decided voluntarily to have a peaceful transition of power. Notable ... Read More »

Judges Who will Not sleep Comfortably – Bunmi Makinwa

In any country, when judges of the Supreme Court, the highest court of the land, are bundled out of their homes with half-open eyes in the middle of the night, it is not pretty. The “invaders” were not robbers, hooligans or protesters that came from the streets. They were officers of the Department of State Security (DSS) whose mandate is ... Read More »

Combating Wrong leadership perception in Africa – Sam adeyemi

Recently Prof Yemi Osinbajo made a striking statement about leadership which calls for deep thinking when he said  ‘Any leader who comes to office to steal money is mad’.  While this may be an indictment on the part of leaders, there is also a dimension of evil which emanates from followership.  Africans too have a very wrong perception about the ... Read More »

Where ‘Change’ Begins – Bunmi Makinwa

The “change begins with me” campaign of the federal government of Nigeria is running into obstacles. One of the latest undesirable hitches is plagiarism of President Obama’s speech in the text of President Buhari’s statement delivered at the recent launch. News, opinions, reports, commentaries and jokes in  print, electronic and online media are full of subtle and scathing attacks on ... Read More »

Why Nigeria Policies Are Not Sustainable

Nigeria is a great country with very vast and enduring potentials. Nigeria does not come behind in internationally acclaimed human and natural resources. This did not start today. Nigeria is so blessed it has no business with poverty or allied issues. But what obtains today is a pity story of a great nation  swallowed by mediocrity. We all know we ... Read More »

Donald Trump, Not Good for America, Not Good for the World -Bunmi Makinwa

Abrasive, accusative, aggressive and abusive, Donald Trump at initial stage of primaries for a Republican Party nominee for president of the United States, seemed a joke. He was notorious for having insisted that President Barack Obama was not born in the USA. As the number of contestants increased in the primaries, Trump was expected to drop out. Surprisingly, he kept ... Read More »

Donald Trump versus United Nations and African Union – Bunmi Makinwa

Invariably, the conversations on elections amongst Africans at home and in the diaspora centre on supposed Republican party candidate Donald Trump and the fears that he represents regarding the November 2016 USA presidential election. If Africans could vote from wherever they are, Mr. Trump would lose massively. His divisive rhetorics, ill-informed attacks on minorities and immigrants, and his lack of ... Read More »

Sexual Harassment Bill: Does the Nigeria Senate know…?

Whatever we say, for many years, Nigerian Senate had been silent on many critical Issues.  For serious minded people, it appears many Senators are there to network or make money instead of performing the essential roles as well as justifying their elections. It has not been uncommon for Senators to pursue other agenda and wait till a few days to ... Read More »

Buhari – Success and expectations – Bunmi Makinwa

There is a lot of public discussion around what has changed since President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration assumed office. In the media and on the streets the debate continues. When during the acute fuel scarcity recently attendants at a petrol station refused to sell fuel into jerrycans, a customer who had been waiting for a long time exploded in frustration, “This ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes