Ibori: Ten Answers to The One Questio- Bunmi Makinwa

It is loud and quiet at the same time. The conversations on James Onanefe Ibori. On the streets and in homes. In minds and thoughtful reflections, people ponder and wonder – why would a self-identifying criminal emerge as a hero, a star that appears to shine like no other in Nigeria? What makes a known thief to stand out as ... Read More »

Governance, Accountability and sentiments, the difference between. ..

We have taken time to understand few things and why things happen the way they are. It is obvious things are not what they appear to be in the face value. There are deeper meaning to it when people are involved. No wonder ethnographic researcher had made a demand that if we must really understand  things the way they are ... Read More »

What Is Next For Jammeh – Even A Billion Years Will End- Bunmi Makinwa

Had he accepted defeat in the election of December 2016, Gambia’s President Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh, 51, would have been one of the few African presidents or heads of state who, having been in power for more than ten years or have had more than two terms of office, decided voluntarily to have a peaceful transition of power. Notable ... Read More »

How Trump Will Deal With Post-Election Loss – Bunmi Makinwa

Donald Trump will go through post election loss syndrome, also known as PELS, and his party will undergo transformation that will shed a new light on the United States. PELS is characterized as anger, denial, blame. PELS includes impulses of public tantrums and claims of victory, lower self-esteem, self-doubt, shock, depression and anxiety. It is doubtful that Trump will handle ... Read More »

Judges Who will Not sleep Comfortably – Bunmi Makinwa

In any country, when judges of the Supreme Court, the highest court of the land, are bundled out of their homes with half-open eyes in the middle of the night, it is not pretty. The “invaders” were not robbers, hooligans or protesters that came from the streets. They were officers of the Department of State Security (DSS) whose mandate is ... Read More »

Combating Wrong leadership perception in Africa – Sam adeyemi

Recently Prof Yemi Osinbajo made a striking statement about leadership which calls for deep thinking when he said  ‘Any leader who comes to office to steal money is mad’.  While this may be an indictment on the part of leaders, there is also a dimension of evil which emanates from followership.  Africans too have a very wrong perception about the ... Read More »

Donald Trump, Not Good for America, Not Good for the World -Bunmi Makinwa

Abrasive, accusative, aggressive and abusive, Donald Trump at initial stage of primaries for a Republican Party nominee for president of the United States, seemed a joke. He was notorious for having insisted that President Barack Obama was not born in the USA. As the number of contestants increased in the primaries, Trump was expected to drop out. Surprisingly, he kept ... Read More »

Donald Trump versus United Nations and African Union – Bunmi Makinwa

Invariably, the conversations on elections amongst Africans at home and in the diaspora centre on supposed Republican party candidate Donald Trump and the fears that he represents regarding the November 2016 USA presidential election. If Africans could vote from wherever they are, Mr. Trump would lose massively. His divisive rhetorics, ill-informed attacks on minorities and immigrants, and his lack of ... Read More »

Will President Zuma Zoom On No Matter What? – Bunmi Makinwa

The political end of Mr. Zuma was at hand in 2004 when his financial adviser and businessman, Mr. Schabir Shaik, was put on trial for taking bribes from arms deals and accused of channeling funds to Mr. Zuma. The sensational trial attracted a lot of public and media interest. Mr. Shaik was found guilty in June 2005, and began in ... Read More »

One Step closer To Eliminating Child Marriage In Southern Africa

Laws alone will not end child marriage, but they are a necessary and important starting point in de-legitimizing a practice that violates the rights of millions of adolescent girls in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is why the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Children Already in Marriage is so important. The good news is ... Read More »

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