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September 11,  terror attack, United States of America Security,  Global security,  terror victimsI remember like yesterday that Tuesday evening when I sat in my parlour to watch the cartoon on local TV, a very regular habit for me at the time, a culture that followed day after day, except the time that I had a lesson teacher come take me and my siblings. Cartoon was my thing and I enjoyed it in the evening and every Saturday morning at breakfast television.

I can’t remember the particular cartoon that I sat to watch at the time, but one thing I’ll never forget is that the programming was interrupted for the purpose of transmitting breaking news. MITV, the channel I was on at the time interrupted regular cartoon programming to hook up with CNN’s live broadcast of the happenings of September 11, 2001, the day America came under attack, which by the way was the caption that rang on CNN for hours, even after the day of the attack, “America Under Attack”.

Two local commercial passenger aircraft had ramped into the world’s tallest buildings, the World Trade Centre. A number of individuals were caught on tape jumping to their death. As records will have it, over three thousand people died in that single day. Blame was thrown, some individuals were arrested, the world rallied around America and a war on terror began, sending forces to corners of the world, across territories that belonged to allies and foes, fishing out enemy forces, terror rings, and setting the captives free, mostly women and children molested in the name of tradition, religion, culture and creed—but did that serve as settlement for the lives lost?

Amongst the dead were women and children, citizens of the United States and nationals from just about every nation on earth, students as well as interns, migrants, children and descendants of slaves, sons of men who had dreams, many of which crossed the Atlantic just because they felt the United States in its majestic splendour was the most secured nation in the world, and that in its land is greener pasture, more greener than the land from which they have come, only for their expectations to be cut short, met by death at the heart of the station of the police of the world.

That fateful day, September the eleventh served as a great call to all and sundry, especially the seemingly least protected, with little or no ammunition and little or no military hardware to show. Every one nation shook at the strike on the United States. It was as though the world’s most powerful country at the time had no response system, as though everything in America lost breath and weight, as though everything we heard about America was a lie, as though America never really had the capacity many of us learned about her from YouTube videos, else how would you explain a well coordinated attack against a country where everything in it is under surveillance, where aircrafts swayed from their original flight path and ramped into buildings? Weren’t authorities informed of the change of flight path? Didn’t they have the option of at least shooting down the aircrafts before it killed upwards three thousand individuals?

America has since proven to be the world’s most powerful country, and this isn’t because they launched over a dozen mission as immediate response, or bombed some hideouts and had some powerful individuals not only lose their wealth but also their life. Not because they had unmanned aircrafts embark on some of the world’s deadliest missions in response to the claim that some of the world’s deadliest terrorist would derive pleasure in taking out more Americans on the field of battle.

I do understand that all these will never repay the lives that have being lost, that has gone to the great beyond, women and children that will never fulfil destiny, men that will join their wealth of untapped bank of dreams with the plenty that exist in the land of the dead. They may never have amounted to anything in the land from where they came from, but I do not believe that they were created by the almighty to die in the most gruesome way.

We must learn from this and act accordingly in order to remember them and their death and prevent future occurrences from happening, otherwise we would have lost two generations in a lifetime. We must understand that there are some unscrupulous elements amongst us, who follow after philosophies that don’t accommodate coexistence, love happiness and human fellowship.

Nations of the world just like America must work round the clock, arm intelligence agencies and legit national military and clandestine forces to be always a step ahead of the adversaries. We must remember that one day upwards of three thousand innocent citizens from across the world lost their life in two buildings that should have being the pride of the world. We must never forget them, and never forget this event and must work not as independent nations, but as a united world to fight against hate wherever it may rise. By doing this, we never forget them and the event of September eleven 2001. And the fact that we are living in an ever changing world, and for peace to reign we must always be a step ahead of the adversaries.

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