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If Africa Must Be Great

The story of Africa remains a sad one; a blessed land with its feet glued in hatred, bloodshed, jealousy, negativity, and bitterness of the past (slavery, colonialism, apartheid). Freedom from Trans-Atlantic slave trade was fought for but Africans now voluntarily pay to be smuggled to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life while fleeing economic hardship, ... Read More »

Will Nigeria and Africa Development Landscape Ever Change?

In terms of development figure, Nigeria and Africa are not wanting. We have lots of statistics to show we are making progress. These statistics can really be cheery at the face value. The challenge is when we go out into the cities and villages, we often find the direct opposite of what the figures and statistics want us to believe. ... Read More »

Africa Development: who will be the rainmaker?

The issue of development has become a global concern given the fact that the gap between the advanced world and developing is growing beyond what is expected. While people in advanced world live a life considered to be appropriate to human with certain privileges, the less developed world citizen live below two US Dollars. We must acknowledge though we are ... Read More »

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