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Mental Health, Why Nigeria, Africa is losing The War.

When it comes to health care system, many nations in Africa have no structured and functional means of addressing pertinent issues for people who are considered ‘fit not to now talk of people who are considered’insane’ or being troubled by the ‘gods’ or through personal misdeeds. As an individual,  I used to think mental health cases are hopeless and must ... Read More »

Modern slavery, why it persists

Long before the invent of Arab and Atlantic slave trade which led to brutalisation and oppression of Africans which also compelled them to work against their will in the Arab world, Europe and America, slavery has been in existence. Several mentions of maidservants are in the bible.  The word maidservant is sometimes interchanged with bondservant in the bible; bondservant simply ... Read More »

Gender & income inequality in Nigeria and Africa: How to enforce a change

On CNN yesterday(July 20,2014), I was following a debate on income inequality between Former Secretary of state, Hilary Clinton and another frontline lady- Senator Elizabeth Warren. I could not but take a deep thought on this age long phenomenon which has defied common sense reasoning. I keep wondering if this situation still persists in ‘supposed’ advanced economy what is the ... Read More »

African Leaders, governance and change management: the fundamentals

If there is anything the world needs urgently and which is in short supply, it is leadership. Leadership at every level is a major challenge. At home, school, association, organization level, people keep looking for a leader. It is culmination of this leadership which affects the national level (governance, Politics) and continental level.  Unfortunately, we have been ‘blessed’ with leaders ... Read More »

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