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Climate Change: Beyond High Level Meetings & Speeches

President Barack Obama on his recent trip to Alaska, U.S., accounted that “climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. We need to act fast enough as we are not doing so at the moment – As the climate warms, glaciers are shrinking more and more rapidly — and throughout the park, there are signs marking where the glacier line ... Read More »

Climate Change And The Challenges Of…

The impacts of climate change are presently glaring for all to see except for the climate deniers who prefer to keep blind eyes to series of severe events worldwide showcasing that no nation is actually immune to consequences of climate change. The temperature of the earth gets warmer every subsequent year due to rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Heat ... Read More »

Climate issues: How to stay Safe during Heavy Rains

It is said that “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”.  Emergencies are unexpected incidents that do not make prior announcements before they occur.  However, for some mishaps, there are usually conditions that may give signs that disaster was imminent.  For such foreseen disasters, it is vital to heed an ancient scriptural proverb which says; “The shrewd one sees the ... Read More »

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