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Let’s Say Ebola Lands in Nairobi…

A friend of mine on Facebook posed an interesting question: “Say someone infected with Ebola landed at JKIA. How do you reckon our government would respond?” It is a legitimate question currently bedevilling African nations as Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and now Nigeria, struggle to manage the epidemic. There are direct flights from the three affected nations to 36 airports ... Read More »

Ebola Virus: Get your facts right and be on guard

Ebola virus, Ebola virus signs, Ebola management, dangers of Ebola, origin of Ebola virus - Copy

The plan for Sallah celebration is on top gear. Yea, thinking of how to have a splendid Sallah celebration and what to cook on the day. Yea, pounded yam with rich egusi with bush meat will make a sumptuous meal supported with a chilled drink. But hey, can I still go on with the bush meat with the reported case ... Read More »

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