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Buhari:Trunk and Roots of Corruption – Bunmi Makinwa

Some fifty four per cent of the voters in the March presidential elections wanted “change” and they chose President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to bring it about. No sooner had President Buhari assumed office on May 29 than the cries for change soared. Both within and outside Nigeria, many could not wait for the new ruling All Progressives ... Read More »

Nigeria Elections: Letter To My Friends – Bunmi Makinwa

Dear friends in many parts of the globe: You asked me for my thoughts on the recent Nigerian elections. Not what you have seen on the broadcast and television networks, nor what you read on the various online forums and websites. You wanted to know many things, and each of you has his/her priorities. It is difficult to answer all ... Read More »

Nigeria Politics And The Return of The Godfathers

It is the season of election primaries in Nigeria. The drumbeat of General election 2015 is getting louder. The various actors have not disappointed us in any way. Each day you check the daily news on every platforms, one is not in short supply of who is joining which party or who Is vying for different posts. Nigeria’s Politicians are ... Read More »

Will Nigeria and Africa Development Landscape Ever Change?

In terms of development figure, Nigeria and Africa are not wanting. We have lots of statistics to show we are making progress. These statistics can really be cheery at the face value. The challenge is when we go out into the cities and villages, we often find the direct opposite of what the figures and statistics want us to believe. ... Read More »

Nigeria: Politics of bitterness and selective amnesia

Many have argued politics is a dirty game. But as we know not many things are evil or dirty. I guess it is usually the player(people) involved that add the colouration. From the creation, we all learnt that whatever God created, initiated is good. Politics might have started in pre-human existence. Those who believe in Holy writs must have read ... Read More »

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