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Security management in Nigeria, Security Within Banking Hall in NigeriaYesterday I had some transaction to run at a bank in Ikorodu,an outskirt of Lagos. Apart from the fact that I had to stand long hours and wait frustratingly for the hundreds of people that came ready not-to-leave-the-bank to advance in queue, something else caught my attention, the children playfield that slowly dominated the banking hall.

As I advanced in queue, about four children if not more played empty bottles as football and shouted goal every now and then. Some played with scattered grain of sand and others just ran about, sat on the floor, cried and ramped into customers who just wanted to be done with the long hours of standing in bank.  This may be an isolated case but sometimes it does happen.

You might want to say there is nothing wrong with having kids play in the bank as that is who they are, and that there is absolutely no place their folks could have left them off, that the kids are Safe and no harm to the security of the bank you say? I beg to differ, as a matter of fact its for the reason of security that I raise this concern.

When the kids played in the banking hall, some customers smiled and clapped and encouraged the children to play more. Security operatives in the bank shuffled between aiding customers and smiling at the kids. By this their focus on the safety of the bank is lost and observing suspicious activities in the banking hall becomes almost impossible.

If I was an armed robber and wanted to distract the bank from my real intent of using the banking hall, all I should do is get in some fake bank customers with two kids each, say ten customers with two kids each, which translates to twenty kids ready to distract people. While they’re at it, the ones who got the kids in will distant themselves, acting as random bank customers, smiling and laughing at how adorable the kids are. This will be the bait that will compel other bankers to smile at the kids, and clap and shout goal every now and then. Security operatives and regular bank aides will also get lost in the smiles and happiness, and before you know it, the robbery has started.

This I propose. Get rid of the kids from the banking hall. Create regulations, maybe a crèche section and employ some of the most adorable and patient ladies to man that section. If there is no space sufficient in the bank then do it outside the bank, somewhere in the ATM gallery, but don’t risk my life and my money because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of infant kids.

You might be asking me, how would one ferry a weapon into the bank? The answer is simple. Yesterday I entered the banking hall with my laptop bag. The man at the security entrance asked me to open my bag, but since he was lost in the gist he was having with some random individual, he didn’t really look into my bag. I had a laptop in it.

I stepped into the security door and waited in it. The door wouldn’t close because it thought I had some concealed weapon. I didn’t move out still, regardless of the alert. The guard on the outside simply knocked the door, without looking away from his gist partner, a signal to the man in control on the inside to let me in. The door closed on the outside and opened on the inside, and if I was a concealed carry, the verdict will be weapons smuggled, and if you were in the bank all you’ll hear is a voice saying, “Lie down everybody, this is a robbery!”

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